Ensuring the safety and well-being of the campus community through courage, compassion and training.

The 公共安全部 (DPS) ensures the safety and security of the 芝加哥康考迪亚大学 campus 24 hours a day, 一周七天. Full and part-time officers conduct regular security patrols and maintain a very close working relationship with the River Forest Police and Fire 部门s, which are on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies.

DPS maintains 23 emergency call boxes throughout campus, which provide immediate connection to both the River Forest Police/Fire Dispatch Center and the campus dispatch switchboard, which allows immediate DPS response to all such calls. The department is guided by the University’s comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, in which responses to potential emergency situations are specifically detailed. 


DPS facilitates all public safety-related services on campus, which include:

  • Patrol campus and control access to all University buildings and grounds.
  • Operate the switchboard and dispatch center, monitoring all 911 calls made from on campus phones to provide support to emergency units on campus.
  • Work collaboratively with local and regional first responders including the River Forest Police 部门, the Cook County Sheriff’s 部门, the Cook County 部门 of Public Health and the Illinois State Police.
  • Conduct ongoing campus safety drills.
  • Engage with the campus Emergency Response Team to facilitate the 紧急通知服务 and related emergency communications.
  • Maintain logs and reports of all security-related events on campus and produce an annual security report, 根据克莱利法案的要求.
  • Provide safety/security related training and resources to the campus community.
  • Provide security services as campus events.
  • Escort students, faculty, staff and guests to and from their vehicles as requested.
  • Provide free vehicle jump start services.
  • Register bicycles; Control and monitor bicycle traffic on campus.
  • Manage and monitor campus parking lots and vehicular traffic.
  • Manage vehicle registration for the campus community.


The 公共安全部 is required to maintain records of all security-related activity on the campus. These requirements are detailed in the Clery行为.

The Clery行为 is a federal law that requires colleges to disclose information concerning crime on and around their campuses. It is named in memory of Jeanne Ann Clery. The Clery行为 has expanded over the years to ensure campus communities are able to access basic crime statistics through a Public Crime Log and 年度保安报告, while also requiring institutions to make timely warnings to the campus community about crimes that pose an ongoing threat to the campus. In addition, it added provisions for sexual assault victims to be assured of certain basic rights.

查看和打印年度报告 (PDF)

  • A hard copy of the Annual Report is also available at the University switchboard in Addison Hall
  • Request a printed copy of the Annual Report in writing. 请把你的要求寄到:


芝加哥康考迪亚大学 offers an emergency communication service which uses email and social media to notify students, faculty and staff about the following types of urgent situations:

  • 健康风险
  • 安全风险
  • 关闭设施
  • Cancellation or rescheduling of a course

All employees and students are automatically opted into the system but can set their individual contact preferences via the 肯考迪娅连接 门户网站. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide and maintain a current and accurate cellular phone number.

The cellular phone numbers provided for this emergency communication service (a) will not be published in any directory, (b) will not be disclosed to anyone outside the University, and (c) will not be used for routine University communication with the individual.

Manage Your Emergency Notification Preferences (学生、教师、职员)


DPS works closely with several other departments on campus to coordinate public safety, healthcare and security-related resources.

Learn more about CUC's parking rules and regulations.



  • 紧急:911
  • 总机:0
  • DPS非紧急:3039
  • DPS办公室:3233


  • 紧急:911
  • 总机:708-771-8300
  • 非紧急情况:708-209-3039
  • DPS办公室:708-209-3233
  • River Forest Police Non-Emergency: 708-366-7125